Rwanda is the birthplace of some of the greatest travel attractions in Africa. It is home to the mountain gorillas, the great apes that live in the Virunga mountains in the northern part of the country. Today many travelers visit Rwanda and many include this small country on their Africa holidays.

Top Attractions

Rwanda is truly a country where ancient meets up with present! Wildlife reigns each day and the two forest parks provide some of the best primate watching adventures in Africa. The land of a thousand hills has the best natural setting of all kinds, lakes, mountains and hills standout daily with awesome views and great scenery. Rwanda is also known for its lovely rich culture and friendly people that support travel and conservation of national parks and other country attractions.

Over the years the hospitality industry of Rwanda has grown boasting an enormous choice of accommodations but all are of quality and offer exclusive services to whoever seeks it. If you don’t prefer staying in high end luxury, mid-range accommodations are open and that on budget varieties waits for you. Small as it is, landlocked Rwanda still has its pockets of wildlife and primates where tourism and nature comes to life.

Kigali the country’s capital is one of the most lively cities. The main beach “Lake Kivu” with charming hotels of all kinds offers a great place to relax and wind during your holiday.

Although neighbored by two other countries hosting the gorillas (i.e Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo), many travelers prefer tracking the mountain gorilla in Rwanda. For those who chose to explore other countries, there are combined safaris. If you want to experience the best hospitality in Africa, visit Rwanda and stay in both city and remote places for a couple of days as you enjoy the beautiful stunning views, wildlife, natural green environment and many others.

Like traveling to other countries in Africa, booking a Rwanda holiday seems to be difficult but with increasing usage of the internet, it is now easy to plan your holiday. Would you like to see mountain gorillas or chimpanzees? Would you like to track the golden monkeys or other primates? Are you a nature lover looking to relaxing at a tropical lake shore or you would like to hike Rwanda volcanoes? Just head out on a memorable Rwanda Safari through the calm country path checking out the beautiful flora and fauna. The best places to stay in Rwanda with great cultural highlights are found close to Rwanda National parks .It might be surprising but Rwanda is definitely one of those places with something to keep everyone happy. Beach lovers get great moments and stretches of water and sand in Lake Kivu the most adorable beach in Rwanda.

The hills and island backdrops on the lake back date the age of the lake making it look fresh and un explored. Be sure to visit the some of the genocide sites on your way back to Kigali. Evening at Lake Kivu are too incredible as  fresh scents and favors of islands, hills and lake water come your way, sunset also joins the team. You will also find that the beach activities are fit for every age including children. While in Rwanda it’s possible to cross to Uganda or Congo for other tour adventures like hiking, wildlife viewing, chimpanzee trekking, gorilla tracking, birding and many more. Besides, Africa holiday conversations about mountain gorilla tracking without volcanoes national park gorilla expedition an exclusive paradise in Musanze district can sound like just a holiday.

This is a great spot for adventurers and trekkers who fancy exploring the jungle forests on foot in search of the amazing apes. If travelling with family or large group Rwanda has it all when it comes to fun, joy and successful holidays.