Safaris in Kenya offer some of the best big game viewing in the world, together with incredible scenery and rich African culture.

There are a wide variety of different experiences to choose from:

  • Conventional jeep safaris
  • Trekking holidays with game viewing included
  • Walking safaris
  • Horse riding safaris
  • Helping with animal welfare projects

There are also many prime locations to choose from, each as unique and amazing as the next.

So, which are the best areas? 
The country divides easily into four main regions:

  • The Southwest
  • The Southeast
  • The Central Highlands & the North
  • The Coast

Between them they offer a huge diversity of different landscapes and some incredible geological features.

From the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro, through the Great Rift Valley, across parched desert and vast savannah, to lakes teeming with wildlife and a tropical coastline, Kenya’s diverse habitats support an amazing variety of wildlife.

To help you find your top spot for trips to Kenya we’ll look at each region in turn and pick out the highlights.

The Southwest

The two areas you are most likely to visit are the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Park.

Masai Mara

This is one of the best known wildlife reserves in the world, famous for its big cats and awe-inspiring annual wildebeest migration among many other wonders.

Lake Nakuru National Park

A favorite for safaris in Kenya, this national park is most famous for its migrating flamingos, an amazing sight as they take to the air in their hundreds, forming vast pink clouds…

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The Southeast

This is another excellent region for safaris in Kenya.

Dominated by the Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, separated by the forested Chyulu Hills, there is plenty of prime game viewing to be had.

The backdrop of mighty Mt Kilimanjaro is a significant added attraction.

The Central Highlands & the North
And still there’s more, with wonderful safaris to be had in a region that is also the country’s top trekking destination.

The areas you may already be familiar with are Laikipia Plateau and Meru National Park, both of which boast exceptional game viewing.

The Coast

While the coastal region does have a number of national parks and nature reserves, in addition to its fabulous beaches, the reason I highlight it on a page on wildlife is because of its offshore reefs teeming with tropical fish and other amazing sealife.

Not surprisingly, it is acknowledged as a world class snorkelling destination and many safaris in Kenya end with a few days on the coast.

If your favoured tour doesn’t, it is well worth considering an extension to enable you to enjoy this additional marvel of nature.


You will not be short of accommodation choices.

The option are: luxury and basic lodges, standard hotels, guest houses, chalets, mud huts, luxury and basic static camps and wilderness camping.

The type of accommodation you go for will have a significant impact on your holiday experience so should be given careful consideration.

On more adventurous trips wild camping is the norm but there is no better way to feel at one with this ancient land than sleeping under the stars in the African bush.

Choosing your holiday

To help you find exactly what you are looking for I have categorised some of the Adventure Travel Companies listed below.

Many companies include safaris within more general exploration and discovery tours, and often cover more than one country in the course of a trip; a combination of Kenya and Tanzania being a good example of this.

Kenya is also included in many extended overland journeys across Africa (of up to 38 weeks duration), and game viewing is often a major feature of such trips.

There is certainly a huge variety of different holidays to choose from and the greatest challenge in your search may be narrowing the options down to just one.