The other thing I want to mention briefly here is food.

Do take note of the meals included in your trip as this will affect your budget while you are away. What is included will vary between companies, types of holiday and destinations.

Sometime only breakfast will be provided and you will eat out at a local restaurant in the evenings, making up a packed lunch to eat during the day from rolls, cheese, etc. bought in local shops.

Trip dossiers give an indication of what you can expect to pay for local food and drink.

On many camping trips you will be encouraged to help out with meal preparations but this is not compulsory.

I have always found that there are a few people very keen to pile in with cooking chores and there is no pressure on those who don’t really want to. I hold my hand up here.

I’d much rather be scouting round for wood for the campfire or picking berries for desert. There is always a role for you if you want one.

African lodge

Sometimes there will be a camp cook who may even have gone on ahead and be preparing the meal as you arrive at the camping location. Perfect!

There’s nothing better than reaching your destination after a hard day’s activity to be met by the aroma of a sumptuous meal.

A final point. Check with the company you fancy travelling with if you have specific dietary requirements.

Often these can be met but not always.