When you visit Uganda dreams step a mile away making you feel anew awesome home in anew setting and environment. Over the years Uganda has become known for mountain gorillas, wildlife, warm weather, lakes and friendly people but the affordable gorilla safaris have changed its name as the top budget safari destination for gorilla tourism in the region. It may not be very cheap but when it comes to park accessibility, security and gorilla permit discounts, Uganda has it all year round. By now you may have heard about the other gorilla trekking destinations in the region but none of them is superb for backpacker travel like Uganda. If you want to see mountain gorillas on budget any time, make your first move now of reserving your trip essentials including gorilla permits that are on high demand each day based on first come first serve basis.


Uganda is a year round travel destination with a wide range of tourist attractions that well located and can easily accessible by road and Air. This makes it cheap for travelers to connect to different tourists attractions with the possible transport means of their budget. Days in Uganda tend to be sunny and rainy but fine for all kinds tour adventures and weather is always warm with chili mornings that start the day.

Affordable Uganda Safaris

Travelers chose to use the cheapest travel means available including booking private tailor made Uganda safaris with everything inclusive, hire a safari vehicle, or use public means of transport to connect to different tourist attractions either lakes, forests, mountains and city centers. You can easily book a guided safari with a local tour operator listed on this website.

Many Exciting Places to Visit

Uganda has many national parks to explore on budget like Bwindi impenetrable, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Mgahinga, Semuliki, Kidepo valley, Kibale forest, Rwenzori mountains, and Mount Elgon.

Lots of Things to Do

There are lots of exciting things to do in Uganda. From world known activities such as gorilla trekking in the misty covered forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga to less known but exciting adventures such as golden monkey tracking, there is a lot to do on a holiday in Uganda. Some of the best things to do include bird watching, wildlife viewing, chimpanzee trekking, horse riding, boat cruise, sights and sounds, mountain climbing, hiking etc.

Great Deals Including Discounted Gorilla Permits

It’s no longer expensive to track mountain gorillas in Uganda a prime attraction that attract thousands across the globe every year to see gorillas in their natural home because Uganda Wildlife Authority a body that manages all Uganda national Parks offers discounts on gorilla permits to visitors who chose to track gorillas in the month of April, May and November the time for gorilla tourism promotion in the country. The usual gorilla permit price is $600 per trek but visitors pay only $450 per trek and save the rest for transport and accommodation. However, April, May and November are best months for budget gorilla safari tours   since you explore big and save big. If you plan to travel in the low season but backpacking isn’t your option, joining a gorilla safari group tour will make your gorilla tracking experience dream come true. Remember you can only track gorillas with discounted gorilla permits in either Mgahinga national park or Bwindi National park.

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