What sort of accommodation will you be staying in on your safari – hotels, B&B’s, safari lodges, tented campsites, farms or village houses, or will you be camping?

The accommodation used on any specific trip will, of course, depend on what is available locally. This will vary hugely from country to country and region to region.


A general overview of accommodation

Most accommodation fall into four categories, or levels, as follows:

Level 1

  • Very basic accommodation such as wilderness camping, dormitories, mountain refuges and huts.
  • Possibly share accommodation with 3 or more to a room.
  • Occasionally mixed sex.
  • Sleeping bags. These may be provided.
  • Limited washing facilities and toilets.

Level 1 Camping:

  • You will be expected to pitch your own tent, which will be provided, and give a hand with the camp chores.
  • Limited or no washing facilities or toilets.

Level 2

  • Simple local hotels, hostels, village houses, farmsteads or B&B style accommodation.
  • Twin rooms.
  • May have shared bathrooms.
  • Single rooms may be available.

Level 2 Camping:

  • You may be on a campsite some or most nights and have basic shower and toilet facilities.
  • There will possibly be a camp crew to do the basic chores.

Level 3

  • More comfortable hotels and B&B’s.
  • Larger rooms with a private or en suite bathroom most nights.
  • They may have additional facilities such as a restaurant, bar and swimming pool.
  • Single rooms generally available.

Level 3 Camping:

  • Comfortable camping.
  • Walk-in tents.
  • Made up beds with a mattress.
  • Shared toilets and showers.
  • Meals served in a dining tent.

Level 4

  • High quality hotels, normally of 4 star or above, with a full range of services and facilities.
  • Spacious, beautifully furnished and decorated rooms with en suite bathrooms.
  • An excellent level of service.
  • Single rooms available.

Level 4 Camping

  • Luxury camping with spacious walk in tents.
  • Made up beds with a mattress.
  • Private bathroom facilities.
  • Full room service.
Bed and breakfast

You may also see grading such as H, H+ or H++ for hotels, lodges and guesthouses, and C, C+ or C++ for camping, relating to facilities and the level of service provided.

Single rooms may or may not be available in any given location.

They generally incur a single supplement but not always, so it is worth checking if you would rather have your own room or tent.