Welcome to African Safari Info, a comprehensive guide to planning an African Safari. We are here to offer you the best advice on planning a safari with insights to the best countries to visit, top things to see & do, where to stay including the best African game lodges so that you may experience the best possible African Safari. We are based in Africa and we endeavor to list reliable and quality African game lodges to ensure that you receive the highest quality of information.


The cradle of civilization, abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes and a trip everyone must take in their lifetimes that’s what a trip to Africa is like. This continent has long captured the attentions of explorers and modern-day adventurers seeking to find the natural beauty of the world and it never disappoints. It’s like watching National Geographic play out in real life: the wildebeest migration, watching the wild animals in their natural habitat, seeing the real world in its most awe-inspiring state.

Going on an African safari caters to all kinds of people from different walks of life. Whether you’re planning an educational family trip or a romantic getaway, Africa has lots to offer you. You can choose to rough it up and be in the wild like a modern-day adventurer, or have some more comforts to make your stay more pleasant. Just make sure you book with a reputable travel company that can cater to your different needs and preferences.

Our Objective

Our objective at African Safari Info is to provide you with as much pertinent and objective information as possible to enable you to make an informed decision while planning your holiday.

Safari Planning

Africa has become a great tourist destination you shouldn’t miss out on. Going on safaris is not just limited to Nat Geo photographers anymore. It’s doable for anyone — whether you’re an adventurous couple or a family looking to get up close and personal with wildlife. Learn more about the beauty of nature and wildlife conservation efforts to preserve the habitat of these great beasts.

Go on an African safari for the best experience of your life: there’s nothing quite like it. No man made structure can rival the awe-inspiring force of nature that only the great continent of Africa has in full abundance.  Here are travel tips and information to help you plan a perfect safari in Africa;

Things to Do

There are lots of things to do in Africa. Find out the different Safari options like game drives, birding, hiking, tracking apes, boat cruises, walking, fishing and more. Read More

Travel Ideas and Tips

Tips and ideas on deciding the best destination, itinerary, what to bring, when to visit, visas. Read More

Top Attractions

There are lots of things to see in Africa. Top Attractions include birds, wildlife, gorillas, primates, African culture, aquatic life, mountains, chimps. Read More

Safari Destinations

Destinations like national parks, islands, zoos, game reserves, cultural sites and beaches. Read More

Where to Stay

Accommodation options including hotels, guest houses, safari lodges, camps, hostels. Read More


We list various safari lodges, campsites and tour service providers who will best suite your requirements. For example, many people want to see the African Big 5 while they are on an African Safari, and this website identifies those African game lodges where this is possible. Having said that, there are also people who do not necessarily want to visit an African Game Lodge to see the African Big 5, and this website also includes African Game Lodges where the African Big 5 will not be seen.

An African Safari should include a great deal more than sighting the African Big 5 and this website gives a very accurate description of the facilities and activities at the various African Game Lodges. To assist you with your decision we have included an E-Brochure (electronic brochure) for each African Game Lodge so that you may get a very good feel for what is on offer.